Don’t Just Move…

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As I have been prone to do at time, I found myself browsing Facebook.  I was scanning through the pics of gyms moving large loads, people hitting PR’s or holding the handstand against the wall.  It was a feed of celebration and then there was a man holding a v-sit on paralletes.  And in it, were these words and they got me over to the blog to fill the pages…this is a great topic to follow-up my “basics” post found here.

Don’t Just Move, Move Well

After we reach a point of not simply embracing the basics and embarking on the journey to understanding how everything builds upon itself.  We need to focus on moving well.  We all must force ourselves to get rid of the clock in our heads that says get this done as quickly as possible and change our paradigm to:

Get this done as perfectly as possible

There is a time and a place for speed work.  There is a time and a place for competing and pushing the envelope, but for the majority of people that is after you have forced yourself to focus on moving well.  Don’t rely on just performing a pushup, perform a perfect pushup that is going to get the necessary response for what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you locking your arms at the top, chest touching the ground?  Why not?

What crutches do you have in your way, that keep you from performing at the highest possible level?  Do you let the fear of finishing last keep you from taking the necessary steps to gaining strength.  Are you afraid of falling down, without knowing that when you get back up you will be stronger and wiser.

Take the hit, give up a little of your need to finish first or be the fastest and challenge yourself.  BUT challenge yourself to move perfectly.  This might mean less weight on the bar and more focus on how you are moving.  It might mean more time with technique work and getting assistance from your coach.

And COACHES…hold your athletes to a higher standard of movement.  If they move like crap, you are part of the problem.  If you let them slide with half-reps, then who is really to blame?  Do you set the example for them or are you the example they use for not moving correctly?  It is on all of us to set the standard and what is or is not acceptable in our gyms.

Time for everyone to step up!