Don’t Be An Anorexic Hermit Crab!

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I have been listening to another great book on mindset and learning.  It is written by the chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin, yes the one that “Searching for Bobby Fisher” was based on.  I am only about 4 chapters in and it is great to listen to how he breaks down learning.  There have been several “aha!” moments in the book and many, “glad my parents raised me that way” moments.

art of learning

As I was driving today though, he made a statement that just sticks!  We all deal with it.  We are all afraid of growing and getting out of our comfort zones.  He simply stated that those people are:

anorexic hermit crabs!

I actually tuned out for a minute as I let that phrase sink in and what it really entails.  There are several problems with being an anorexic hermit crab.  The first and that we have a fear of growing and taking on new challenges.  We desire to stay comfortable.  We are not willing to seek out a new environment that we will in fact thrive in…so what do we do?

We HARM ourselves!  No one else gets hurt by us not pushing to a new home or by trying to find a new comfort zone.  Sure, it might take a little time to find the next perfect shell, but recognize that we are growing and need the space.  Recognize that the small shell that we used to call our comfort zone cannot hold what we are becoming.

We needed the added space and we are at a point where we can carry the new load on our shoulders.  This is true in life, in business and in lifting.  As a coach, mentor, husband, and father, I want to see you get better and grow.  I want you to have a passion to always be on the lookout for a bigger home because the current one is just getting too small.

Every challenge you accept is a new shell, a new home and a new opportunity for growth!  The current one you have might be comfortable for now, but what are you depriving yourself of to stay there?  What challenges are you shying away from just so that you can remain right where you are?  Why are you keeping yourself from achieving your true potential in EVERYTHING YOU DO?

Take a moment, look at yourself and the mirror and vow to never be an anorexic hermit crab!