Did you win the workout, today?

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How much does the time you write down by your name at the end of your workout matter to you?  Whether it be the number of reps you completed in “Hope” or your “Fran” time, how much does that number mean to you.  Is the highlight of your day, winning the workout or are you trying to get better, get stronger, have great technique and learn efficiency?  Why do you step inside of your affiliate or gym everyday?

I ask because you need to evaluate what your goals are with each and everything you do.  You need to figure out if winning to you means being done first, doing the most reps or being on a path to improved strength, increased speed through efficient technique.  I am tired of the winners and the whiners.

You need to be training to be better at your craft.  You need to be training for something more than the fastest time at the end of the day…why?  Because if that is your only goal, it is easy to “forget” how many reps your really did, it is easy to cheat yourself out of quality.  If your goal is to win, and that is all that you are used to…you will do what you have to, to accomplish it and that can include shorting reps, shorting range of motion, and relying on methods that do not lead to improvement anywhere.

Most affiliates do not cut a check at the end of the class to give to the winner of that days workout.  And the reality of it is that your workout is not a competition…no matter how much you want it to be.  Your workout is training for competition or training for life in general.  Those are the tests…not your workout.  your workout is about you and your integrity.  Either you have it, or you don’t!  As a coach, I am not impressed that you can kind-of, sort-of butterfly your pullups, but I am impressed if you utilize your training to focus on solid technique in doing those pullups.  I am not impressed that you can kip and get your handstand pushup, but I am impressed when you push through and force strict because you know that will make you stronger and better.  I am not impressed by the fact that you can clean 300 pounds but you are all over the place with your technique, but I am impressed when you can hit 225 with solid technique and control.

And as a coach, it is my job to tell you that.  It is my job to let you know, that just because you can…does NOT always mean that you should.  As a coach it is my job to help you realize that winning the WOD…means little (to me).  Why?  Because I want you to get better and perform better.  It is not about you winning against the class…it is about you winning against yourself.  And that means growing in your strength and speed…but also means growing in your character.  If winning is all that drives you, what happens when you lose?  Do you get mad?  Do you think the other person cheated?  Do you make excuses?  What happens?

What if you just said this is about me getting better?  I am going to go as hard as I can and put in all the work, then what happens when you aren’t first?  NOTHING.  You have nothing to be upset about, you put in your work.  You actually were in TRAINING and not just EXERCISING.  You grew…you helped yourself to become better.

AND you probably enjoyed the workout just a little bit more!