Dealing with Frustration…

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I talked about frustration and truthfully this week, it seems to be about all that I have been fighting.  Problems each and every day.  Every time I turn around something else is breaking, needing to be done, or not being done right.  It has been a constant fight.  From family and friends being sick, to the every bi-polar weather that we are having in Texas right now, everything is a burden and stressor leading to frustration!

So what helps with frustration, what helps me push through?


Just give more of yourself.  I know that it sounds like the hardest thing in the world to do, but I have to do is learn to give more of myself.  I realize that the joy that giving produces its own rewards.  I can put those burdens and those stressors on a hook and pick them up later.

It’s that simple.  When I am frustrated, it usually means that I am questioning my own value.  I question whether the work that I am doing is valued or even witnessed.  The frustration comes from feeling that I am working my tail off and no one sees it.  And when I feel that, I need to throw all those feelings and weight out the window and just do what I do.  I just have to give all that I can to those people that walk into the front door wanting to train with me.  They trust me, they know me, and they push themselves for me.  Giving to them is its own reward.

So when I am frustrated, I give…and I give all that I can!