CrossFit Support Network (As a Coach and as an Athlete)

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Today, I want to take a step back and look at one of the primary ways to be successful in the world.  I will frame this in my world as a CrossFit coach and an aging (not old yet) CrossFit athlete.  When I started this journey approximately 6 years ago, I had some underlying health issues.  They were nothing major, but they were present and they were the beginning of the nagging truth that I was getting older.  I could no longer eat however I wanted, be lazy and expect to be in good shape.  The spare tire was growing and reality was setting in.

I talked with my wife and her family and the next thing you know, I am sitting in the car at 5:45 in the morning on my way to my first workout.  I am not a morning person and yet here I was on my way to The BodyLab CrossFit to meet up with their coaches and get this whole snowball rolling!  First workout was a wonderful set of 50 man-makers (weighted burpees).  I continued to get up and go….six weeks later, my health issues were getting better.  I still had my spare tire, but one small miracle at a time.

The snowball continued and if we fast forward 6 years, I am now a coach and manager of the affiliate.  And there is really only one reason that I can say that I was successful.  AND it had little to do with me.  I was successful because of those that were closest to me.  I was able to make the changes that were necessary because of my support network.  My wife got up with me every morning and to this day she works beside me towards OUR goals in this fitness world.  She teaches a kids class with me and she supports me.  Her family helped cover the costs so that we could go on this journey together and change our lifestyles to something that will ensure a healthy future.

My family helped pay for my initial certification as a coach so that this journey could continue.  And from their the network has grown and grown.  If you want to be successful then having a plan is great, but having people that are going to help make that happen is invaluable.  You must remove all the negative influences from your life if you want to be successful.  Remove the enablers of your bad habits and the naysayers who tell you it cannot be done. (You can talk to them after you have found success and let them know that yes it can be done!)

Outside of my family, friends have encouraged me to continue on the path.  They have given me the pep-talks as I learned what worked and what didn’t.  They have come with me to future certifications or referred someone to give me a shot as a coach.  They have helped grow my confidence in myself, so that I can get out there and change lives.

So build that network.  If you do not have it in your house, then start with finding the right gym that has it.  You can come to my gym and we will be that support network.  If you don’t think you have what it takes, then let us be the support you need to see that yes, you do have what it takes.  Find a group of people that can celebrate your successes and help you through the tough times.  They will even help you get back on your horse should you fall off.  The support network makes sure that if you fall down seven times, you get up eight!

That network makes all the difference in the world!