CrossFit is NOT Sport Specific…

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I have been reading several articles out there saying CrossFit is not good for this sport or that sport.  It frustrates me because it was never meant to be good for any specific sport.

CrossFit was designed as a program for anyone to simply gain a healthier lifestyle.  It was never meant to be THE training program to make the elite baseball player, the elite gymnast, the elite soccer player, or anything like that.  Yes, it has grown into being it’s own sport, but that is a completely different subject for another time.

CrossFit the training program as it was originally designed and intended was and is geared around developing an overall athlete.  One that can compete on any playing field…the fitness program was designed with a focus on being able to adapt to different circumstances.  Your growth and fitness is measured across the 10 fitness domains.

So when I see the headline “CrossFit is bad for …” I respond with; that is nothing new.  That is not news to me, as it was never intended to be used for that.  When I read that headline, it reads much like the headline “Cars make terrible cheese slicers”  Sure a can could be used to slice cheese, but that is not what it was built for.  The same is true with CrossFit.

CrossFit though, I would suggest, is probably a very good offseason program for many athletes.  Why?  Because the offseason has a focus on general development across those 10 fitness domains.  The offseason is a time to step away from the sport specific function and work on getting stronger, faster, etc and CrossFit can help you with those things.

But the key to how you mix CrossFit and your fitness training rests in the coach you have.  Do you even have a coach? Can they scale the workouts based on what you need or not?  Everyone out there needs to stop lumping CrossFit into this one size fits all model.   Every CrossFit operates independent of each other and ultimately independent of Headquarters.

Each and every CrossFit serves a different demographic and that is something that needs to be taken into consideration.  Can the CrossFit model be used to help you in your sport specific training?  Of course, but that needs to be through private sessions and with a coach one-on-one.  That is how you will be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself as an athlete.

BUT never forget that CrossFit was not designed to be sport specific.  It was meant to improve general physical preparedness.