Criticism…Actions Speak Louder than Words

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The above screenshot on criticism is courtesy of Seth Godin.  It came into my inbox this morning and it actually came at a great time.  I am a part of several groups that deal with working in the fitness industry.  The biggest thing that I see, is there is a lot of ego in the industry.  There is a lot of criticism out there.  I am sure that this is true no matter what the field of study though.

I am sure that it happens in every business every day.  It will come down to the smallest level and probably happens around every water cooler there is.  We criticize and puff ourselves up to be better than whomever or whatever it is that we desire to criticize.

As athletes we critique everyone else’s form, we debate their time on a workout, whether they really lifted that weight or just put the score down.  And we do not even have to talk about or discuss the issue of rep shaving or miscounting.

Then we move beyond that.  We move into the realm of being a coach or running a business.  We form opinions of other coaches and other businesses.  We talk about how we are so much better because of x,y, and z.  Better equipment, more hours, more certifications…the list goes on and on and on.

I want to throw out a novel suggestion today.  Let your work ethic and the results you get be your criticism.  That’s it.  Let your life be what others see and not your words.  Don’t criticize everything you see around you just be better, daily.  If you don’t like a rep shaver, put in the work day in and day out.  Just get better.  If you want to go the extra mile, become someone who helps that other person get better.  Offer to count their reps, or lift with them so they know the score on the board is legit.  You don’t have to call the out and be the loudest voice, sometimes you have to be a small voice that just wants to see everyone get better.

Same for your business and those situations.  Run your business in a way that others take notice and want to emulate you and your success.  Don’t spend all your time talking down the others around you.  Step up and be an example.

It’s time to turn down or turn off all the useless noise that is complaining and pointing fingers.  If you are willing to help someone correct the problems they are facing then go for it.  It you just want to talk and spread the disease of criticism please keep moving.  I am focused on better things!