Every Obstacle is an Opportunity for Accomplishment

Sorry I have been a way for a bit…Hope this new bit of motivation helps you out!  Also posted at my home gym.


Over the past several years, there has been an explosion in the obstacle course race world.  They are popping up everywhere and we are seeing more and more people want to tackle them.  We see more and more people wanting to do more than just run for 3, 13, or 26 miles.  People like the challenge or maybe they simply like the idea of stopping running in order to take on an obstacle.  No matter what, people like to feel like they have accomplished something.

I am not here to say whether or not you should tackle an obstacle course run or not, but rather I want to tap into that mindset.  And that is the idea, that you must look at everything as an obstacle.  That means that if you have a goal (and you should have one…then you must see anything and everything that comes in front of you as an obstacle to reaching that goal.

It is a mindset trick.  It is a way to develop a pattern of success in your life from the ground up.  It is a way to constantly build on little successes and turn them into major accomplishments.  But in order to do that, we must tap into this idea that everything is an obstacle that we can and we must “get over”.

If your goal is to lean up, every little thing that has sugar in it, is an obstacle.  Every time you choose not to have a soda and choose water, you have conquered an obstacle.  Every time you choose to eat clean even if you are tired and want the fast, easy food…obstacle conquered.  Take note of your struggles and more importantly overcoming them.  Develop a pattern of choosing to be successful as opposed to going around it.

Have a goal to increase your lifts, then every time you pick up the bar and work on your technique…obstacle conquered.  Every time you work on your mobility, obstacle defeated.  Every time you seek out your coach to get advice…you are on a path to success.

At the simplest level, Every OBSTACLE is and OPPORTUNITY for an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Stop seeing and saying how hard it is to not have this or that…focus on your end goal!  See everything that is keeping you from that goal as something that you ARE in fact better than.  You are worth more than the cookies, the cake and skipping your skill work!

Put Down the Bar

Originally written for my home gym here, but re-posted here because it is still true to me:

I recently watched a youtube video and it got me thinking…One of the key lines in the video was “don’t train to be good, train to be complete”.

I loved that line…because it is why we should be training.  That is what CrossFit was designed for.  That is why we are here in the Bryan, College Station area.  We want to build complete people.  We want you to be good across the board.  You do not have to be the best at everything, but well rounded.

That is why I am a huge fan of getting outside for your training.  Put down the bar every once in a while and train outside.  If you absolutely must use a bar, then take it outside.  Part of the reason that we are built the way that we are is so that we can get away from lifting the bar everyday and being on a pullup rig.  We love breaking out the prowlers, flipping some tires or lifting some stones.

Can anyone say o-course?

If you do those things, you are becoming complete.  If you understand how to push, pull, lift, carry and run with different odd objects you are ahead of the curve.  Don’t settle for what everyone else is doing, lead the pack.

Sometimes that means you put down the bar, you step away from your comfort zone and you attack the obstacle course.  Or maybe you are flipping a tire…lifting the stone.  Who knows?  But don’t limit yourself.  Don’t limit what CrossFit is.

Below is probably my favorite promo that CrossFit has put out…why?  Because it takes place outside of course! (And yes, I know that he uses a bar in the promo…but you get my point!)