Body, Mind and Soul

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How’s your training going this week?  How is your effort going?  Are you still able to give 100% each and every workout, or is it faltering?

Did you take a rest day to truly recover?  Did you do anything out of the ordinary for a fun recovery day?  I went longboarding with my wife on a date night…yes, she’s a keeper!

I hope you are taking your recovery seriously and taking your work seriously.

My week has not played out how I dreamed it would, so I was forced to adapt.  I still put in the work, though.  I still am putting in the work.  I am taking what the world gives me, listening to my body and adapting.  I can only hope you are doing the same.

I have tried to take care of all areas in my training this week:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Soul

For the body this week, my training looked like the following:

Monday – Anything Goes Workout.  Spent a lot of time with the kettlebells (thrusters, KB Cleans, KB Press Complex) and some sprints.  Then hit some gymnastics skill work.

Tuesday – Upper Body Press Day.  More odd object work (Sandbags are fun!).  Lots of single-arm focus (Alternating Arm Bench Press).  Jump Rope Skill Work and Carries).  Finding weak spots.

Wednesday – Rough day at the office, so it turned into a rest/ recovery day.

Thursday – Deadlift centric day.  Will hit the deads and then probably be on a nice slow cardio session to balance out the sprints earlier in the week.

Friday – Heavy Squat Centric Day.


Since I am training for my next Spartan Race, I am working a lot towards work capacity and gymnastic skills.


In order to better the mind, I just turned off the radio and turned on the podcasts.  Spent the week listening to two people I respect in the area of training, Travis Mash and Zach Even-Esh.  But that is not all.  I also have been listening to the book Originals by Adam Grant to keep creativity high.  And finally, every day my brother in law sends out a text message to encourage me.  So I read that and pray on it.

But that only touches the surface of taking care of my heart and soul.  I try my best to take 10 minutes of my lunch break and just sit and let the thoughts come and go.  I sometimes do a writing dump to clear out the garbage.  I pray often and I got back into writing the faith workout.  I let that stuff simmer in my heart for a while and then send it out.

So I ask you, what are you doing to take care of your body, mind and soul?