Big Rocks…Balls…Your Purpose…Part II

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Alright, I admit it, I am a day late.  I even put in a post a couple days ago that had nothing to do with all the balls and tasks that I left you holding in part I.  If you have not read part I…please do.

Done?  Good, let’s wrap this up.

So here you are holding all the balls that make up who you are.  It might be in a relationship, family, or work.  It might be all the roles you see yourself fulfilling on a daily basis.  I cannot say for certain how you chose to do the exercise in part I, but I know that physically or mentally you have come to the conclusion that you are holding a lot of roles.

You do a lot!  Take a minute to take that in.  You have a lot of value and purpose and when we slow down we can recognize that…hopefully.  If you are only holding one or two balls, then you did not think hard enough.

The purpose of this exercise though is not to show you how much you do.  You know that you do a lot.  You never needed me to tell you that.  So what is the purpose?

The purpose is for you to recognize that holding the balls is not enough!

That’s it.  I want you to look in your arms and see all the different types of balls that you are holding.  I want you to look at them and tell me, are you able to use them as they are intended?  If you have a football can you throw it long, kick a field goal?  Could you tee up that golf ball and then a club and swing it?  What about dribble the basketball?  Could you swing a bat at the baseball, even if I put it on a tee for you?

I am guessing that you probably couldn’t.  I am guessing that if you tried to use the ball as it’s intended one of two things has to happen…you either absolutely suck at it because you won’t put anything else down, or you are going to lose some of the balls as your focus shifts and you try to accomplish the task.

So…what’s the point?

Stop trying to be everything at once and hold everything at once!  You suck at it!  You were not made to do it all at once.  You were not made to keep plates spinning or holding everything in your arms.  You have to learn to put it down, accomplish the task and then pick up something else.

I watch as people fight over who has what job in relationships and people burn out of jobs because they believe that they have to do everything and that putting the ball down is a sign of weakness.  If putting a ball or two down allows you to be a better partner, parent, business owner, employee, then put it down for a little bit.  Get done what has to be done.  Then pick it back up.

Do what you can to master the tasks and each role.  The next thing you know, you might just be spinning a basketball on one finger while driving that golf ball with the other arm.  And there in the corner sits the football…you have your name on it…but you don’t have to hold it.  Put down some of the burdens…it’s ok!