Because it’s hard – Lifting and Business

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I quit!

I give up!

I can’t do it!

I’m done!

It’s Hard…and finally the truth comes out.  It’s hard is the real truth to all of the lies told above.  At least for 99% of the problems that we face in lifting and in business (and a lot in life as well).  It is just hard.  We could easily take all the statements above and turn them from being false, to true like this:

I quit because it’s hard!

I give up because it’s hard!

I can’t do it because it’s hard!

I’m done because it’s hard!

I am not here to argue with you about these statements of make you feel bad because you have quit on something, but be honest with yourself.  You probably walked away or gave up because somewhere you were tested and it was hard.  Putting more weight on the bar than you did the last time, is hard.  It is a mental game that you have to be ready for.  Pushing on when things are not the best and brightest in your business is hard work.  It often seems easier to shut the doors, walk away and be done with it.

But why are you really doing it?  To find out how good you are at easy things?  To run away from challenges?  Why do you train?  Why do you eat clean?  Why do you fight for your business, your kids, or your marriage?

Because success is worth it.  Because you made a commitment to being better today than you were yesterday.   That is it.

Be better today than you were yesterday.  Learn something new today that propels you into tomorrow.  Do not look too far into the future and do not dwell too long on past mistakes.  And yes, it is hard.  Success in the gym or in the board room does not happen overnight.

But growth is worth it.  Getting better is worth it.  I know you can remember the first time you had to pick up a barbell to find a max…how did it feel?  What about when you had to put that load on your back and squat with it and you did not want to get up.  But you fought, and you stood up.  Can you remember that first time…how does that weight feel today?

The physical weight on the bar has not changed…65 pounds is still 65 pounds.  95 is still 95 and 315 is still 315.  But somehow we grow with success and we learn to handle the loads with ease.  What once was our first Personal Best is now a warm-up weight.  What once terrified us, we do with ease and almost boredom.  We have grown…we are stronger and we did not quit because hard is worth it.

Hard is where we find our strength and we push forward.  Hard is the path that allows us to find and make our own way.

Hard is nothing…when we don’t quit!

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