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What’s Next with Spartan Races?

If you have followed me you know that the majority of my training centers around getting ready for Spartan races.  In addition to wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and set an example for my wife and daughters, after reading Spartan Up!, I appreciated Joe De Sena’s approach to mental toughness. I have given out […]

Monday Motivation

Give Yourself Permission to: Get Lost In Life In Love In Training Explore, find new paths! May you are on the wrong one Get off the beaten path and don’t be afraid to blaze a new one! Get where you need to be.  Get lost, be afraid, fight to find yourself, your home! Get lost, […]

002 – Faith Workout – Authentic Faith

As I wrap up the work week, I am going to continue with the exploration of the concept of authenticity.  This is probably the toughest post of the week because I believe that authenticity in our faith is extremely important and extremely lacking. What does an authentic Christian life look like?  What does authentic faith look […]

Authenticity in Work

After writing and posting the previous post, I am devoting this entire week to the importance of authenticity.  I took a rather simplistic approach in the first approach and received some solid feedback. Thank you for replying and emailing me.  I appreciate it! So today, I wanted to just touch on the importance of authenticity […]

Are You Authentic?

I did not know how to best categorize this because I think that it is one of the most important things in all areas of life.  I think that this single item is central to having a solid positive mindset, being successful in your journey of faith, and critical to having a successful business. I […]

001 – Faith Workout – I Am New

Something new is on the blog – Faith Workouts!  A whole new section and a new challenge for anyone that wants it.  Before I started down the path of fitness and writing primarily about that, I often wrote about my faith.  I knew it was important, but I felt that I had to keep my […]

Big Rocks…Balls…Your Purpose…Part II

Alright, I admit it, I am a day late.  I even put in a post a couple days ago that had nothing to do with all the balls and tasks that I left you holding in part I.  If you have not read part I…please do. Done?  Good, let’s wrap this up. So here you […]

Should I Lower My Prices?

I sit in many a group that deals with issues that face all small businesses.  I get it, you want to keep your doors open and if you are a service-based business, you need the clients to keep walking in.  I understand that.  I know the fear that you face when you hear that a […]