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The Growing Trend – As We Age

We all get older.  We all have to come face to face with the reality of aging.  My wife recently was blessed with being firmly planted into her 30’s, and I am rapidly approaching 40.  Our health must remain a priority as we age. There is a trend among those that I follow for inspiration…they […]

Mastering the Basics

All I Ready Needed to Know… I am sure that more than a few of us remember the poem, All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  That was it.  These were the foundational lessons for being a decent human being.  There was nothing in there about being able to rattle off Pi […]

Safe Spaces and Changing our Approach

Little Surprises Over the past two days, I have found these little notes floating around the house.  My daughters have been leaving them for my wife and me.  We find them in the car, on the mirror, in our favorite chair, or in our garage gym.  They have been excited for us to find them […]

I Choose

I choose the load…   …on the bar My coach suggests, but I choose.  I decide what is heavy today and what is fast.  I choose what my 100% effort looks like and I give it, accepting or rejecting the challenge of the bar today.  It might be the challenge of the pull-up bar and […]

The Struggle Is Real…And I Own It!

Getting out of bed. Going to the gym. Lifting heavier. Moving Faster. Running. Parenting. Being a good spouse. Being a good person. The Struggle is Real… It is hard to be the person that we want to be day-in and day-out.  It is hard to get better and want to help impact change happen in […]

Two Rules…In The Gym…In Life

Seems like it has been a while since I have shared anything with you, wonderful people.  It seems like the world keeps on spinning and spinning into more and more fights.  We go from one crisis to another.  One shouting match to another, and if we are lucky we find ourselves throwing some weight around […]

Be The One

Lately, a lot of my posts have taken a little bit of a turn away from the training floor.  I hope you don’t mind, but in this very season of life, training is of secondary importance.  While I still lift heavy things, sprint, carry, perform bodyweight movement frequently, I have spent the better part of […]

Green Dots, Orlando, and Stanford

A little disclosure before I get too far: I am a husband I am a father I believe something has to change This post has nothing to do with barbells or training but is more important than anything else I have written to date