Are You Authentic?

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I did not know how to best categorize this because I think that it is one of the most important things in all areas of life.  I think that this single item is central to having a solid positive mindset, being successful in your journey of faith, and critical to having a successful business.

I am going to start this exploration with a simple question for you:

How are you doing today?

That simple question is asked of each one of us several times a day.  We are faced with it frequently.  It is the foundation of more than we realize.  So how do you answer that on a regular basis?  Do you give an authentic answer, or do you have a pre-programmed response.  Are you good every day?  Are you alright generally?  Or do you answer with authenticity on a regular basis?

I have recently found myself working on how to be authentic to those around me and with myself.  This question about my day triggered something as I was walking today.  It made me think about whether or not I am always living in complete honesty with myself.  So often, the people I am around determined the responses I frequently gave.

With some people, life was always miserable because to them life was always miserable and I wanted to blend in or not have a fantastic day knowing they were struggling.

Other times, I was always ok because life was not great, but not terrible.

Today, I responded to the question about how I am doing, by simply stating.  I am stressed but making it.  It was an authentic answer.  It is a step towards being authentic with others.  It was a step in knowing and accepting that I do not have to be someone else or lie about what I am going through.

This opens the door to people having a better understanding of what I am going through.

But the bigger thing that being authentic with others has helped me with, is that I am not lying to myself.  I am not putting my life into a negative state of mind by having to have a negative to talk to some people about.  It also means that when I am struggling, I don’t have to lie about it.  I can be honest and let others know that I, honestly need a little kick in the pants or support.

So I ask you, where are you in your authenticity journey?  What do you feel is the key takeaway from being an authentic person?

I will take this idea and throw it into the business world tomorrow.  Any thoughts on the importance of being authentic in your business…Leave me a comment on Facebook!