A Little Business Advice…A Basic Step!

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I am a member of several groups that deal with running a gym and ways to do that effectively.  The thing that amazes me, is that most people that chose this path are generally not interested in business.  For many it was a matter of wanting to train people but not work for someone else or a belief that “I can do this better than them…”

The problem is that trainers train.  If you are not in any shape, form, or fashion interested in business, then just be a damn good trainer.  Be the best trainer there is and have people come from miles and miles away to train with you.  Charge a large amount for your private training and grow a reputation for yourself.

That is the truth if you do not want to invest in learning business for yourself.  If you do not want to learn business tactics, sales, marketing, etc, but still want to work for yourself then your first hire had better be someone that is passionate about those very things.  You will want this person to help you set up procedures and processes that will make life easier as you grow.  Bringing someone in that can help you market and has a passion for sales at the beginning can save you a lot of stress and headaches.

When you look at some of the names out there that would be considered to have made it big, you will find that they either busted their butts to learn business tactics or are a part of a team with at least one person that is passionate about the challenge that is actually running a business.  These are the people with the ideas and develop the “product” that is sold.  They find ways to get in front of people and draw them in.

As someone who is growing more and more passionate about the business side of things, it can be a little frustrating to see how many people out in the world want everything handed to them.  They want all the shortcuts they can find, but are not willing to invest the time to find their own path.

Sadly, that is the only way to find true success.  It really matters little where you rank on Google, Yahoo, or Yelp because you just have to work hard at your business.  Just as each person that decides to open their gym is probably putting in the time on the weights and developing their training program, the same energy, passion and time must be devoted to developing the business program.

This is not like the movies…just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come!