A Bad Workout…

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Alright, for the past couple articles, I have been talking about getting started and getting out of your comfort zone.  Today, I want you to know that not every workout is going to be a good workout.  By that I mean that not every workout is going to feel good.  You will probably have days where you just don’t have the mojo or your lifts feel all over the place.  For that, I want to give you a little piece of motivation:

A Bad Workout is Better than No Workout!

There is a time and a place for missing a day of training.  Recovery is important, so this is not about the day you need off so that you can heal up.  This tidbit of advice has to do with the days you know you need to train and it just doesn’t feel right!  Truthfully, as I train, I feel like I have 70% bad workouts and 30% good ones.  That is to say that I am extremely critical of my own training!  But I put in the work!

Why?  Because when I have one of those good days…it feels awesome.  It means all the bad days if training have pushed me to learn something about myself and what I need to improve and work with.  It means that someone in the 70% of rough sessions, it has been more beneficial that I realized.  It means that putting in the work pays off.

To be honest, I had one of those days this morning.  I did not want to get out of bed and put in the work.  My wife pretty much had to kick me to the floor and drag me to the garage.  We did a workout with some snatches and false-grip pullups.  In that session, out of several lifts, about 10 felt good.  But each time I hit a good lift, it made me focus on it and try to feel that again.

My motto as the Barbell Poet is that a “good lift is poetry in motion”.  I spent the morning looking for that next poem; that next perfect lift.  It pushed me to find it.  It prodded me to keep going and get my mind in the game.  It forced me to feel each piece of the lift and push on.

Was it a great session this morning, no!  Was it worth it…Hell Yes!

A Bad Workout is Better than No Workout!

Now go lift something…get better…get stronger!