3 Months…Logging, Blogging and Sacrificing

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Earlier this week, I started a 3 month long project to log all workouts and eating.  I am a coach, but I am also an athlete looking to get better.  During the next 3 months, I have committed to simply logging my food intake as well as post my workouts to my facebook page.

In so doing, I am hoping to up my own game and force myself out of my comfort zone a little.  I am going to be as clean as possible during this time.  This first week was the last week over the three months that I will have alcohol in my system.  I am going to try hard to stay away from the breads and grains as well.  Along those same lines though, I am not going to make someone else accommodate me and my decisions.  If invited to dinner, I will eat what is served, not bring a separate meal.

I am not expecting this to be easy as I am going to also be following someone else’s training program for those three months.  I will be following the Cube method for CrossFit during that time.  I have an account on Beyond the Whiteboard that I will post the workout and my results to as I complete them.  I am hoping to gain some insight into different training protocols.

Also during the next three months, I am committing to more blogging and more reading.  The goal is to complete one book a week and write a review on it.  In addition to regular posting about training, nutrition and goals in general.  I will still post to my home gyms blog frequently and share those insights here as well.

This post is just me putting some goals down on paper.  If you want to come along for the journey, I’d can always use the encouragement and motivation!

It’s about always getting better!