Promotions…Who Should You Reward?

I recently saw the following information pop into my social media stream:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.52.28 PM

As someone who has run a business, I hate these kinds of promotions and ads.  I want your opinion on this as well.  I will lay out my thoughts, and then welcome your comments back, if you are so inclined.

First, I understand full well that as a business you always need to be looking to bring in more clients and more business.  I get that, I just don’t think that this is the way that you should do it.  Let me explain my thought process:

  1. The primary reason that I do not like this style is that you alienate your current customer.  You treat them poorly and demonstrate that since you are already a customer, you have no value to us as a business.  These are the people that have already committed to you and your service.  They should be who you are taking care of first and foremost.  By always offering things to people who switch teams, you are sending a clear message of neglecting those that have been with you for a prolonged period of time.  I would rather see a company find a way to constantly reward longevity…not newness.
  2. The second reason, I don’t like this, is a direct result of reason 1.  When you do something like this, your competitor will probably do something similar and now you lose a large portion of those customers that you neglected.  That one is pretty simple.
  3. Reason number 3…I agree with Seth Godin when he talked about people being highly unlikely to switch tribes.  That is to say, if someone likes the way Gym A operates, it will be hard to convince them that Gym B’s way is better.  People do not generally switch tribes.  So don’t go after getting people to switch just because, give your current tribes more reasons to stay.  Let them talk to the people of other tribes and help make your argument.

So there you have my rant for the day in a nutshell.  Instead of spending your time, energy and resources on converting people, help them take notice of how much you reward those people who stick with you.  If you are a telecommunications company offer a 5% discount every year that they remain with you.  If you are a gym owner, give them a free private session for every year they have been with you or a discount on their rate.  Get them talking about how well they are taken care of.  The more they talk, the more others will listen and want to be treated that way…then your tribe might just be a little more appealing.

Own Your Successes!

I recently wrapped up a 6 week program on leadership.  It was an intense time of paradigms being broken and minds being expanded.  As we reached the conclusion of the training there was a graduation and chance to invite a couple people to celebrate.

I did not want to invite anyone.  I shy away from praise, spotlight, and more importantly success.  I feel guilty when I accomplish something.  I constantly feel like I need to hide the fact that I am growing, making progress and being successful.  Somehow, I feel like celebrating my success diminishes or limits someone else’s.

This happens in many areas of life as well as in the gym.  It happens.  It seems like when you make progress or get better, we can pull ourselves into a shell of silence or downplay the growth out of fear that someone else will feel inferior.  We downplay that we have lost 5 pounds because someone else might be struggling in that area.  We downplay a new personal best in our lifts because they are not as good as someone else’s or because we do not want to make someone else feel bad.

It’s time to stop!

We worked hard to be successful and we have a right to own that success and be proud of it.  We made decisions that allowed us to succeed and that might mean sacrifices were made (I’m looking at you cookie cake).  We deserve to be proud of ourselves and we should invite people into that moment.  Not because we are egotistical or gloating, but because we have accomplished something and we deserve to share that with people that want to celebrate us!

We are always told to learn from our failures and our faults.  It’s time to do the same thing from our successes.  Learn something, share what you learned and keep learning.  Share the sacrifices made to be successful and learn that you can continue on the path to success.  Learn how hard growth really is, and share the challenges with others, so they can know they are not alone.  Celebrate your success and share your success to others know that it is possible.

And once you have celebrated, file it away, set a new goal and repeat the process.  In the world, people want to be happy, they want to be asked to enter joyous moments just as much as they want to support you in the challenges and struggles.  Give them the opportunity and allow yourself to be happy with your own success…celebrate those moments…use them to motivate you for bigger and better things!


When It Was Simpler…Fun

There was a time when CrossFit was about the challenge.  It was about pushing yourself to be better each and every day.  It was about you vs. you and conquering new challenges.  There was a time when the workout itself was simpler.

You walked in and there it was 1 workout.  Not a three part algebraic equation of strength cycles, mobility work, a metcon and then the notion to slam your recovery drink of choice (only to later debate about which one is better).  It was simple.  Two or three movements on most days…something brutal like a Filthy 50 every once in a while.

I won’t call those times better, just simpler.  It was a time of just you and a barbell or you and your body.  Cleans. Burpees. Snatch. Pullup. Deadlift. Squat.  That was a foundation and it was raw.  It was lift heavy, move fast and be proud.

I sometimes catch myself missing those days.  Not because I don’t love what CrossFit and functional fitness has evolved into, but because it was easier to measure progress and progress was measured the same way you worked out.  There were minimal debates about Wendler vs. Conjugate vs. Invictus to get you ready.

You just did.

If you were like me, maybe it was the first time you really performed an Olympic Lift, maybe first time you touched a barbell or kettlebell at all.  And you loved it.  You felt the thrill of moving a heavy load a large distance.  You embraced the sound of the bar crashing to the ground after a successful (or failed) attempt.  You felt the adrenaline as you knew today there is only one work out.  There is no B or C…just A.

Crush A.

There is nothing to save yourself for.  Crush A.  There is no metcon after the lift for you to save yourself for.  Crush A.

Today’s programs, progressions and methods are most definitely better, but sometimes you don’t want better.  Sometimes you want to be a little reckless…ride that bike without a helmet, drive with the top down and not a care in the world.  You look back and miss the days where all you had to do was Crush A.

And Just for fun…the most epic clean and jerk you will ever watch!