Change Something…Be Different

I read a lot about what is going on with affiliate owners in the CrossFit universe.  I want to know the struggles and successes that others are having as I work and manage my current affiliate.  Everyone asks the same questions and deals with the same things.  It is a good resource, but every once in a while you see that rare gem of a question that makes me sit back and say “I am glad that we are different…”

The question that prompts this is almost always around the notion of capping classes or membership.  I have x amount of space, and run y number of classes…should I cap my membership, raise my prices, etc.

I have a novel idea, how about you get rid of the current one hour structure all together.  Run your classes in heats if possible.  Yes, it does require you to put more coaches on the floor to consistently run a warmup, technique and workout.  But you can accommodate far more people being in your building.  You can accommodate far more people that are running late without making them do burpees.

And bigger than all of that, you are free to let your process take over an hour every once in a while.  It takes a lot more work, I will not lie, but the benefits are there.  In an evening class we still see 60+ people over the course of a 3 hour time period.  Instead of looking at that like running 3 20 person hour long sessions, we have heats that vary in size from 8 to 16 but they all are constantly supervised through the process.

We have three coaches on the floor minimum to help people through a warm-up, technique session, and workout.

Every once in a while, stop, step back and ask why am I doing it this way?  Am I doing it this way because everyone else is?  Also if you are the only one that does this in your area…you have created a valuable difference that sets you apart from others.

But that’s just my opinion.  Be different, be better, be great!