Busy vs. Productive…

I originally wrote this for my home gym blog, but the information is something that I want to keep for a reminder…Enjoy!


Not too long ago, we put up a blog about trying to define the difference between training and simply exercising.  But today, I want to flesh that out a little bit more.  I want to make a comparison between being busy and being productive.  In the Bryan/ College Station area our new year seems to start with September and the beginning of a new school year.

With that, we at the lab are creating and putting together some goal sheets for everyone to utilize.  We want you to design some short term and long term goals and do a little bit of self assessment on your weaknesses.  These goals need to be personal and specific to you.  From that, the coaches will put together some recommendations for what you can do during the open gym time to help you achieve those and better utilize your time training.  These sheets are not required but they are a good idea for how we can help adjust your training to be more specific for you.

With that being said, the goal gives you a perspective on how to approach training.  The goals will help you figure out if you are in fact being productive in your training, or just staying busy.  Are you working towards those goals or preparing for your next challenge or are you simply spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out.  It is a matter of perspective.

We hope that by helping you craft some goals, you can also find some internal motivation to train effectively.  There can and usually is a carryover effect in how we approach our training and how we are outside the gym.  Can we commit to getting to a goal and put in the work to be successful?  Can we find the internal motivation to accomplish something for ourselves as opposed to it being an assigned task from a supervisor or a coach?

Don’t waste your time being busy.  It leads to frustration and defeat…why?  Because when all you do is keep busy…you get tired, you do lots and lots of stuff but accomplish NOTHING!  Keeping busy gives the appearance of action but nothing gets done other than wearing yourself out.  That is not a good indicator of success.  Efficiency is a better indicator, that is to say how can I accomplish a task and still have enough energy to accomplish or start the next task.

Productive actions mean you step back and can see what you did.  You actually accomplished something.  If you finish your workout and are laid out tired, but are not gaining strength or gaining speed…they you are just being busy.  Your training is not getting you anywhere but tired.  Examine it and see if you are really on a productive path or one that just makes you feel tired.

So which is it…busy or productive?

Let the Fun Begin

It is a new school year.  Where I live, that means that there is a huge uptick in the number of people looking to train as they return to our college town.  It gets competitive as the gyms all are fighting to be chosen…so I offer the following advice to anyone who is a trainer or owns a gym.


Be you, be better at what you do and spend less time worrying about what the guy down the street or across town is doing.  Focus on the things that you can actually control.  Focus on being the best coach that you can be and being the name in coaching.

Focus on being better each and every day.  Focus on the reality that you can become the coach that everyone wants to train with.  Focus on being the one that gets results!  And get out there and do just that…get results.  Share those results with others or better yet let others share their success stories for you.  There is no better advertisement than a friend telling a friend.

And if you are an athlete looking for where to train…then be diligent.  You are about to spend some money and want results, so watch a class.   Train with the group and talk to other clients that train there.  Ask them what they like and what they would change.  Ask questions.  Don’t be afraid to get answers, a quality gym will not have anything to hide or anything not to share.

Good luck out there!

What Will It Take?

What will it take for you to make the change in your lifestyle to be healthy?  What will it take?

Take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, however long you need and answer that question.  This blog post is not for the person that already hits the gym 5 times a week and eats right with the occasional vice day.  This is for the person that knows that a change in necessary in their life, but isn’t taking the steps to get there.

So what will it take?  A heart attack, that terrible visit to the doctor’s office, the loss of a friend with the same problem?

As I sit here and look around the world, you have to make this decision on your own.  The government is not going to mandate how you eat and they are not going to make you get exercise.  Sorry, but look at where school lunches and activity programs are going.

There is nothing that is going to make this happen for you.  You have to make the hard decision to change your lifestyle.  You are in the state that you are in because you have made decisions in our life to put you there.  You have to look in the mirror and say it is time for a change and make that change.

Tonight after dinner, my wife made a statement to me…she said, this is the life that we have chosen and she could not be more right.  We have chosen to live this way.  We have chosen to have clean food in the house and eat that way 80% of the time.  We do have days where we indulge but that is far from the norm.

We have made these decisions for ourselves and hopefully for our family.  But I cannot make that decision for you, you have to make that decision for you.  I can help you, or any fitness professional can help you.   If you are willing to take that first step then you can find the results that you want.

But what will it take to make that first step?  You have a new life, a better life waiting for you…go get it!

It’s Been Too Long…Mindset Challenges

Sorry it has been a while since I got some new content out to you.  It has been a crazy week, but a great one at that.  I spent the end of last week with my two girls…in what I call Daddy DayCare:



Putting all that aside, I have something very simple to share today.  I am working on a video blog that should be out by Friday.  It will give everyone a chance to see what drives me and hopefully help you find some drive as well.

Leading up to that, I want to ask a simple question for everyone.  What is your motto for life?  If you had to sum up all that you are in one phrase, what is it?  I guess in this day and age, describe yourself in one tweet…that’s all you get is 140 characters.

Are you in the YOLO crowd?  Are you constantly in the FML group?  At your core, who are you?  And once you know what drives you, what is stopping you from being more?  What is stopping you from finding your greatness and putting your stamp on this world.  If you are here and reading what I type, you have a drive to be something more than ordinary.

I know that because like minds, gather together.  Think about and I will see you on Friday!