I Don’t Care How Hard You Are…Do You Have Heart?

What makes a coach good?  What makes a coach great?  What makes one the best?

I have found in my years, that the difference between coaches is not the knowledge they have, or the knowledge they have access to.  They can all know the exact same thing, or know everything in the world about training, but a truly great coach has heart!

Just like they always say the team with the most heart will win the close games, the same holds true with coaching.  In all honesty a coach with less skills and less knowledge can and will be more successful if he has the heart to keep learning, to keep pushing and to constantly care about those he coaches.  The coach with heart will not rest until their athlete reaches their goal.  They will view their athlete’s success as their own.

I strive day in and day out to be that coach.  Your success is my success and your failure is mine.  I can with 100% honesty admit that I do not know everything.  I have a million lessons to still learn, and a million mistakes to make.  I will bust my tail daily to gain knowledge on how to make you better.  I will push myself as a coach to be better in the same way that I will push you to be better as an athlete.

It’s the heart of the coach that determines how well they do everything outside of coaching.

It’s a simple question, but it means everything…does your coach have heart?

Put Down the Bar

Originally written for my home gym here, but re-posted here because it is still true to me:

I recently watched a youtube video and it got me thinking…One of the key lines in the video was “don’t train to be good, train to be complete”.

I loved that line…because it is why we should be training.  That is what CrossFit was designed for.  That is why we are here in the Bryan, College Station area.  We want to build complete people.  We want you to be good across the board.  You do not have to be the best at everything, but well rounded.

That is why I am a huge fan of getting outside for your training.  Put down the bar every once in a while and train outside.  If you absolutely must use a bar, then take it outside.  Part of the reason that we are built the way that we are is so that we can get away from lifting the bar everyday and being on a pullup rig.  We love breaking out the prowlers, flipping some tires or lifting some stones.

Can anyone say o-course?

If you do those things, you are becoming complete.  If you understand how to push, pull, lift, carry and run with different odd objects you are ahead of the curve.  Don’t settle for what everyone else is doing, lead the pack.

Sometimes that means you put down the bar, you step away from your comfort zone and you attack the obstacle course.  Or maybe you are flipping a tire…lifting the stone.  Who knows?  But don’t limit yourself.  Don’t limit what CrossFit is.

Below is probably my favorite promo that CrossFit has put out…why?  Because it takes place outside of course! (And yes, I know that he uses a bar in the promo…but you get my point!)