001 – Faith Workout – I Am New

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Something new is on the blog – Faith Workouts!  A whole new section and a new challenge for anyone that wants it.  Before I started down the path of fitness and writing primarily about that, I often wrote about my faith.  I knew it was important, but I felt that I had to keep my “business” blog and faith separate.  I have changed my mind on that.  As you know as someone who has followed this site, you know that I write consistently on having a strong mind and the right mindset.  For me that strength comes from my faith.

So I have this new section.  I will do my best to post at least one “Faith Workout” a week.  I will continue to write about mindset in a universal tone on other posts, but this section is for those that also desire to walk with Christ daily.  It will also pertain to approaching your fitness lifestyle.  It will be a merging of all those things.  So I welcome you to the new section.  I hope you stick around and grow!

Let’s start at the beginning.  One of the things that we always hear in church is the notion and idea that when we accept that Christ died for us and that when we believe that and have genuine faith, we are a new creation.  We are made new.

When we accept that we are a new creation, we also act accordingly.  Something changes.  There is a new power that we have access to and we now represent Christ and the Kingdom.  If you were like me, you also dealt with struggles of letting go and feelings like the only way to remain in the Kingdom is to remain perfect.  As we mature we learned that temptation in the world we live in is very real.  We learned that we still falter and sin.  But we also felt different about our actions.  We knew it was wrong, so we repented.  We turned back, knowing that we cannot lose our place, we can only reject it.


Above is one of my favorite songs on the topic.  And it probably does a better job of capturing the reality than I could.  And that leads into how this simple truth can and does relate to our fitness journey.  When we start at the beginning, we need to see ourselves as the new creation we are working to become.  We need to accept and not see ourselves as a work in progress.  We need to recognize that we are that new person.

Whether we are trying to gain strength, lean up, whatever our journey is, we have to accept the changed mindset that comes with living the healthier lifestyle.  We have to make those changes.  We have to let the new creation dictate how we behave and let go of the old habits we have and the strongholds.  We have to let go of the mindset that says “I am not strong enough to go run with my kids” or the voice that tells us we are too weak to be successful.

We have to accept that we ARE that person we are trying to become.  We have to acknowledge that we will falter and have setbacks, but just as we become new in Christ…when we truly commit to our fitness journey we are that new “After” person.  The sooner we start acting like the “New” person, the easier it can be for us to achieve what we after.

Just as we mature as Christians and grow in our knowledge of the Creator, we can grow in our knowledge of our new healthier selves…My encouragement to you is this.  Accept who you are in Christ first and foremost, then accept who you will be at the end of your fitness journey.  Give yourself grace as you grow and change, but never let go of the truth that You Are New!